We build your investment portfolio as a

Return Engine.


Imagine your investments as an engine. Engines are built with a focus on performance and efficiency. All are trying to be the best without sacrificing user experience. Foundations Investment Advisors produces an investment portfolio “engine” with a superior design, build and operation. This combination provides you a with an investment portfolio focused on performance and efficiency, while providing a positive experience along the way to your investment destination.


Our investment engine has:


A Better


With many years of experience, we have been able to develop a proprietary capital market risk and return forecast process. This process allows us to optimize the asset and risk allocation for a more balanced approach. We are able to tap into an expanded opportunity with traditional and alternative assets.



A Better


Our portfolios are built primarily with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Index Funds for pure, yet inexpensive market exposure. This allows your portfolio to participate in growth while limiting some of the high costs that go along with it. By combining our years of experience and the data we have been able to collect, we have developed a quantifiable, proprietary scoring system for securities that helps us determine the best use of that particular investment.



A Better


Leveraging our risk-based budget and investment philosophy, we make opportunistic adjustments to help protect against, as well as benefit from, changing market environments. It has served us well to focus on asset risk management over the years while remaining tactical in our approach. Our process is smooth and operates like a well-oiled machine.



Who we are

Foundations Investment Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). As one of the fastest growing RIA firms in the United States, we employ a team of skilled portfolio managers and provide professional planning services with an actively managed, risk-based focus. We believe it’s important to provide the tools for financial advisors to help make efficient, goals-based financial plans for investors like you. In addition, we pride ourselves on making sure the investor experience is an enjoyable one that remains efficient and transparent. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, we are always here.